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Online Interior Design & Organizing.
Transform your home with simplicity and elegance.

Beautify your Home,
Simplify your Life.

New Interior Design & organizing Trend

The online interior design & organizing service are affordable and professional that gives you access to a personalized and friendly designer to work with you to pull your room together in your style, needs and budget.


Your Budget |Your Style

We work with you to pull your room together in your style and budget. And it is cheaper than working with an in-person designer because of the costs and expenses to execute the project.


Seat and relax

You can work with any kind of design around the world and do everything virtually: briefing, revisions, shopping. Approving your dream room seated on your sofa.


From weeks to days

A regular design project in-person could take months to come alive.

In a virtual version, you almost can have your designs less than 2 weeks.


Your space

Each project is for each person. Needs are different and so the result.

You will have a personalized project for your home and family.


Collaboration powered by technology

Client and designer work together. One with their dreams and needs and the other side with expertise, passion and experience.

How does it work?

take a peek inside - HOMe DESIGN project

Helping a young couple transform a blank canvas into a
beautiful mid-century style living room.


dani prado interior designer.jpg

Dani Prado

Interior Designer & Professional Organizer

I'm the founder of Go! Organizer - Interior Design & Organizing, a company specialized in transform your home and your life with Interior Design and Organizing. We work presencial in the Cincinnati/OH and Milwaukee/WI area and online to attend all client all around the world.


I'm a graduated in Marketing and have MBA in Business Management and since 2015, when me and my family moved from Brazil to United States, I've been working on simplify people's life and making them live a balanced, intentional and lighther life.

I'm mom of a 11-years-old boy called Matheus and married with my first love, I also have a chihuahua Shelby.

I am an Interior Designer certified bt New York Institute of Art + Design and Professional Organizer and passionate about organizing, home decor, productivity and balanced life.


I truly believe an environment affects directly our energy, mind and heart and I also believe in the power that function (organization) and aesthetic (decoration) can positively transform people's lives, leading to a lighter, balanced and happier home and life.


I believe everyone should have access to professional interior design and professional organizer in an affordable and personalized way. That's why I developed my online service.

I am here for you, helping you in your transformation journey.

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